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Nichel Eubanks aka DJ was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN.  She started her athletic career in high school where she ran AAU, USA, ASTEC, and Division One at Eastern Kentucky University. During these times she obtained 11 state titles and broke 4 state records.  After her college career she relocated to Atlanta, GA to continue her education and upon that she received her Master in Information Systems Management. Nichel is a woman with a great deal of passion for giving back to those who are less fortunate such as volunteering to prepare food for the homeless. Eating healthy and working out have become welcomed habits for Nichel and are a part of her daily lifestyle, each day she makes it a point to encourage others to do the same offering good nutritional & fitness advice. Nichel's hobbies include flying planes, painting artwork and she is also a DJ for ATL-North Entertainment all of which enhance her exuberant personality and enrich her life experience.

I started Herbalife January 2013 because I wanted to get back into fitness, loose some weight, tone up and get my "athletic figure" back. After trying the products for 30 days I saw a significant difference in my body structure, my waist, and hip measurements had decreased drastically and I felt like a new woman. Soon after being on Herbalife I became a health coach because I wanted to help change others lives. My passion and my desire is to help decrease obesity, educating individuals on proper nutrition and providing products to obtain their health and fitness goals.



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Mission Statement:

AGU- pronounced: Aah- gooo

(Igbo language – principle language of the Igbo people, ethnic group of southeastern Nigeria.)


Defined: Lion, strong leader, powerful

The mission of AGU fitness is to create a powerful mindset. The physical. The mental. The overall structure of mankind. To produce the best version of you and empower others to do the same by living a healthy, active lifestyle.




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